Why choose influencer marketing

Thinking about using influencer marketing but not quite convinced?

Why choose influencer marketing.

In recent years, social media has become such a necessity for everyday life. We’ve come a long way since the MySpace days... most of us can’t even go half an hour without doing our religious socials check- up on a never-ending selection of apps!

2010 is the when influencers started making waves. As more users joined platforms such as Youtube and Instagram it allowed for people to express themselves by creating their own individual content all whilst building a reliable following and for those who were successful - gain a mass amount popularity, thus giving birth to the world of social media influencing as we know today! The immediate success of these individuals allowed social media to effortlessly migrate into the world of business, creating a completely new form of advertising and promotion: Influencer Marketing.

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89% of companies say ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels

Influencer marketing is a form of partnership when a business collaborates with a person with a large social media presence in order to promote something. This could be a campaign, product or service. Celebrity endorsement was the original form of influencer marketing, and whilst celebrities may have a larger fan base, influencer marketing provides brands with an innovative fresh new approach. With an immense social reach, influencers are enabling brand campaigns to have the maximum results. Due to the engagement and fast-paced nature of social media platforms- it quickly meant influencer marketing went from being a small scale promotion scheme to become a multi billion-pound industry.

In 2018, $1.6 billion was funnelled into sponsored posts on Instagram alone.

As much as people may think, influencer marketing is not just posting a pic in a cute top and getting paid for it, a lot of hard work goes into creating these posts in order for them to advertise and promote a product in the desired manner. It is all about creativity, timing and communication, the post or campaign needs to cater to the brand’s needs as well as sticking to each influencers vibe and aesthetic in order for the post to be authentic and natural. For example, you wouldn't see a fashion beauty influencer promoting the latest men’s razor, it just isn’t credible content! This type of genuine promotion has evidently proven to be incredibly successful for both brands and influencers.

We have now entered a new year and influencer marketing can only get bigger and better! 39% of brands plan to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2020 due to the undeniable success of it in previous years. This industry is incredibly fast-paced and new creative ideas for content and marketing are constantly being fabricated allowing for social media influencing to be one of the most contemporary and valuable tools any company could use to promote their business.

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