What Instagram editing apps should I use?

We're giving you the top 5 apps to up your insta game

Best Apps for Instagram

Whether you use instagram as a means for personal entertainment or you use it as a platform to influence others in a professional sense, instagram aesthetic and content quality is so important!

We all love to edit our pictures in order to make them look more polished, however it seems as if there is a never ending array of apps to choose from. To help narrow this down, we have compiled a list of the best apps currently on the market in order to help you perfect your pics and assist in creating a consistent vibe for your instagram feed that will make you stand out from the rest!


Probably one of the most popular apps on the market, Facetune is the perfect tool for editing your selfies! FaceTune’s success comes down to the fact that it makes it so simple to alter images with far more accuracy than Snapchat and Instagram filters but significantly less complexity than professional editing apps such as Photoshop. It is ideal for smoothing over imperfections, correcting flaws in the background of the image and improving the lighting with just a tap of a finger!


VSCO is the perfect app if you are a filter enthusiast! It provides a never-ending array of gorgeous filters that help enhance your image whilst also allowing you to adjust a photo’s exposure level, colour temperature, contrast, saturation, sharpening, and cropping, as well as adding grain and changing the tint of shadows and highlights.The filter options are separated into categories making it easier for you to select the perfect one that complements your feed! This app is perfect for an avid photography lover who is always on the go as it is so simple to use yet provides flawless outcomes.


Prequel supplies you with all the tools you need to create a fully developed image (or video!) with creative effects, filters and other unique features that allows you to create content that stands out from the rest. The app supplies you with the hottest effects – VHS, Glitch, Grain, Lomo, Cinema, Snapshot, Amazing live video filters, stylish intro & outro visual effects, lots of photo filter, Video trimming, video speed adjuster and music! This app is ideal for instagram stories, IGTV videos or for simply just spicing up your instagram feed.


Making sure your feed is clean, consistent and aesthetically pleasing to look at is such an important factor when assessing your instagram game! This is the first thing people look at when they click on your @ and is a great way to design your feed according to your personal style. The best app to help you do so is ‘Plann’. It connects to your instagram account and helps you create beautiful Instagram themes, layout design to curate a professional photo grid and preview your entire gallery before you post, add months of content!Furthermore, it also allows you to professionally retouch, whiten, brighten, resize images, use professional filters, stickers, borders for pictures and add text to photos, draft captions and schedule Instagram posts and stories! This app is perfect for helping you be more organised and consistent with your feed!


Ever wondered how influencers create gorgeous stories with creative templates with amazing fonts? The answer is Storyluxe. This app provides you with an array of templates that you can add your own photographs to in order to create artistic stories that injects your instagram game with something innovative and unique to your personal style. Storyluxe lets you choose from over 570 photo and video templates in various styles from film, paper, love, collage, neon, and many more. You can add backdrop textures and colours that fit your aesthetic whilst also adding text from one of 16 curated font styles! This app makes you look like a professional graphic designer from just one simple click of a button.

Instagram is a platform which allows you to share aspects of your life in an innovative and creative way which is personal to you, so don’t be afraid to let your creativity run wild and express yourself in an artistic manner! All of the apps listed to help you do so are used by the best content creators and influencers at the moment which indicates just how amazing they are. Each app is available to download on IOS and Android devices so be sure to download the ones that best suit you in levelling up your insta game!

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