The True Power of Influence

Everything you need to know

Everyone is talking about influencers right now and they are having a big impact on our everyday online habits. Naturally, influencers are now a part of our everyday conversations.​

Influencer = Power

If a person can motivate thousands of others to take an action online, whether that be a like, comment, click, or view then that person is influencing their audience’s behaviour. If that influential person features a product in their online presence, then this alters the audience’s consideration of that product. This gives the influential person the power to alter the purchase process and their audience’s behaviour.

Does it work?

I’ve heard plenty of success stories, but I’ve also heard from businesses that have simply explained, “it didn’t work”.

It would be wrong to assume that a person who gets a 10,000 likes on their photos will simply sell 10,000 extra of a featured brand’s product (or along those lines).

There is so much more that needs to be considered in order to create content that has the power to meaningfully engage with an audience and help them to consider a product in their purchasing decision.

It’s always best to try and match a brand with an influencer that has similar

- Tone of voice (style of content, conversation, character)

- Interests (and more importantly; audience’s interests)

- Audience demographic (age, gender, location)

The best influencers don’t sell, they tell stories

The story is the most important part of what the influencer has to say to its audience and content is key. That’s why at Flourish Management, we put our brands and influencers in beautiful locations with gorgeous scenery and amazing experiences to tell a story about the product.

Are some influencers more powerful than others?

You bet! But we’re not just comparing follower numbers here, there are a few other important factors to consider, the main one being engagement. It is so important to look at how engaged an influencer’s audience actually is, and what their audience finds interesting. That means likes, comments, clicks and shares, and which topics and products perform best.

A key question we always ask ourselves before working with a client is; who is the audience that is most likely to engage with the brand and content?

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