Influencer Marketing and the Coronavirus Outbreak

Here are some of our top tips for during and post Coronavirus

Firstly, we would like to send you all positive, healthy and happy vibes in these times of uncertainty.

We understand this is a particularly challenging time for all businesses small or large, which is why we want to share our expertise and advice in regards to PR, Marketing and Social media during and after the outbreak.

Understandably brands are deciding whether to spend their money on marketing at this time, with the saying being ‘cash is king’ and marketing usually being one of the first cuts when it comes to outgoings for any business in crisis, we want to provide some reassurance when it comes to making decisions on how to spend your budgets during and after this time.

Here are some of our top tips for during and post Coronavirus

Communication is key

One of our most important points is to ensure you keep communication up with your customers and clients. As we all know these are unprecedented times so this is the most important time to communicate with your customers reassuring them of what your business is doing, how/if you’re trading, and bring some heart felt, positive interaction with you customers.

Go to where your customers are

Social media use has increased astronomically in the past few weeks, in particular on TikTok and Instagram. We recommend that our clients take advantage of this time where their customers will be online more and easier to interact with by launching on platforms such as TikTok and Pinterest, creating new and interesting content, working with their favourite creators and influencers to create viral/trend worthy content and engaging with followers in a meaningful and inspirational way.

Work with influencers to spread your brand message

Influencers enable brands to communicate their core messages rapidly to a large audience, some of which may not know of or follow your brand. With consumers being online more, this is a perfect time to use influencers to grow your audience and interact with existing and new potential customers. We understand that instant ROI may not be as high as it usually is with influencer marketing as people are more conscientious with their purchases, however it is important to think of ways to use influencer marketing to benefit the business in other ways - increasing following, increasing engagement, creating unique content, promoting products which are more favoured currently etc. and most importantly building on that customer/brand relationship to ensure your company is at the forefront of a consumer's mind when they go to purchase.

Work with content creators to create the content you are unable to do in house

If you’re a Fashion retailer, have you thought of working with models to create ecom shoots at home? Or a Food & Beverage brand can work with food stylists or creative photographers to create unique product photos and videos. Are you in the beauty industry? An eg of a hair extension company could recruit hair stylists to produce hair styling tutorials people can create at home. There are so many ways you can work with content creators to create amazing, engaging content for your followers to interact with and in return you will have fantastic content to use on social as well as your website.

Adapt your content/social strategy

In these current times, it is difficult to carry on your normal content strategy and standard weekly posts. It is important to adapt everything you are producing to mirror the current environment your customers are living in but always ensuring it is in a positive and mindful way. This is the best time to show the personality and the human element to your brand; showcase the people behind the company who are working hard to create this content and how they’re coping with the current situation themselves to show personality, create engaging user generated content and engage with customers using content that is uplifting and memorable.

Prepare an instant switch on campaign

We understand that everyone is in ‘WFH’ mode currently, not knowing where the light at the end of the tunnel starts. It is hard to plan when you are unsure on timings and how the economy will recuperate after. However, it is extremely important to remember that 1) we will get out of this and 2) things will eventually return to normal,or a new form of normal, and now is the time to prepare your business for each eventuality. If this was over tomorrow what would you do? If this is over in six months how will you inspire customers to spend money with you?

We are currently working on instant switch on campaigns for clients to enable them to snap back based on different scenarios, this means they’re prepared for every situation and they’re giving their business the best possible chance of recovery.

These times are make or break for some businesses, and it’s the ones who use this time wisely who will come out on top!

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