HOW TO - Flat Lay Shoot for Wilkinson Sword Women

We're giving you the low down on how we shoot for Wilkinson Sword Women

Flat-lay photoshoot for Wilkinson Sword

I think we can all agree flat-lays are one of the most satisfying and aesthetically pleasing forms of photography. They not only make the perfect filler post that will instantly add a bit of POP to your feed, but they also are a fabulous way to showcase and advertise products in the marketing industry.

If you have ever wondered how you can create your own flat-lay then you are in luck! In February, we got the chance to take some gorgeous flat-lay shots for Wilkinson Sword that showcased a selection of their products. Carry on reading to see the outcome and our top tips that will help you recreate your own!

Look for Inspo

The key to any photoshoot is to look for inspiration. Instagram and Pinterest are such amazing platforms when it comes to looking for inspo as they highlight and showcase people’s creativity in such a clear and engaging format. From the images you find, create a moodboard so you can clearly see your vision in front of you. This will be super useful when it comes to the photoshoot as you can constantly refer back to it when constructing and taking the photographs.

Select your props

Preparation and organisation are key when shooting flat-lays. Think of a particular theme you would like to follow and based off that, choose a selection of items that you would like to photograph. Take time to think which items look well together and be sure to have a particular colour theme in mind.

When arranging your props, symmetry and spacing are the two most important things to consider, ensure everything looks natural and effortless- If anything looks even slightly out of place, simply just change it’s portion or replace with an item that visually fits better.

Choose your backgrounds

Choosing a background for a particular selection of products is also a vital factor to consider when constructing your images. This can either make or break the photograph, therefore we recommend keeping it simple in order to keep the main focus on the products within the picture. However, never be afraid to experiment! Adding different textures and colour blocking can instantly add interest to your photograph and enhance your final outcome - be the judge of what you think works best for each particular set up. Here are some examples of what we used in our Wilkinson Sword Images:

-Marble Vinyl



-Coloured Card

-Clear perspex

Perfect the angle and lighting

When it comes to finally shooting your images, in order to get the most effective outcome it is absolutely key that you shoot directly above your set-up. We would recommend standing on a stepladder to easily achieve the perfect birds-eye view, don’t worry if your images are too zoomed out because of this - as you can crop after!

Lighting is equally as important as the angle, it is best to use natural light and shoot by a window. This is so you can avoid using studio lights and flash so those pesky shadows don’t appear!

Editing the images

Once you are happy with your arrangements and selection of images, choose your favourites and pop them in an editing platform (we prefer to use Photoshop and Lightroom). Adjust the brightness, shadows, exposure or anything you feel needs a bit of tweaking and then add a filter that subtly enhances your picture. Filters are the perfect finishing touch to any photograph and enhance the final outcome considerably!

The most important tip when taking these images is tohave funwith it! We had such a good time creating these photographs for Wilkinson Sword, assembling each set-up and organising the props allowed our creativity to flow in such a unique way.

We hope these tips help you and if you decide to have your own flat-lay photoshoot be sure to tag us in your creations!


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