How to choose the right Influencer for you

Savvy Shoppers & the power of influence

In today’s environment where adblocking software use is increasing and shoppers are savvy to obvious selling, influencer marketing is now top of mind. ​

Brands are finding that authentic and trusted content creators are more likely to cut through advertising noise. That’s because users are seeking great stories and content first and foremost - even if that comes with a certain hashtag (#ad) or ‘promoted’ tag.

While influencer marketing is now firmly positioned as a top priority for marketers, it also holds one of the most confusing purchase paths of all marketing channels. There are so many providers out there selling services, software and connections with the promise of connecting brands with bigger audiences.

Right now is the best time to select an influencer marketing solution for your brand or business. But what should you be looking out for when getting your strategy in place?


Influencer marketing is another channel for speaking to an audience, so it needs to align with the messaging and approach in other digital media. Does the influencer’s message match your brand’s?

Consistent Narrative

How does the influencer continually engage its network? Is their content consistently strong and do they regularly speak to their audience with high performing content and posts?


Influencer marketing should compliment other marketing activity, and vice versa. In other words (and to use a cheesy buzzword), ‘integrated marketing’. What can be done to maximise the effectiveness of the influencer’s reach and engagement with your audience?

Results, Results, Results!

This is a must for anyone who commences work with an influencer; what are the expected results and how will you measure ROI? Look at past results from other brands with your influencer (if you can get them) and listen to recommendations. This will allow you to form some expected outcomes to measure performance.

Influencer marketing is a powerful channel and can deliver outstanding results for your brand if you take a wise approach. Ultimately, your decision needs to come down to your brand’s priorities, budgets and timings.

What else?

These are the key questions you should ask when approaching influencer marketing for the first time. But if you have questions that have gone unanswered, we would love you to add your thoughts in the comments. Otherwise, get in touch with us through the ‘contact us’ button below.

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