How to become more visible on Instagram

Your 'How To' guide to upping your insta game

How to become more visible on Instagram

We can all agree that Instagram has become so much more than pictures of avocado on toast and #ootd’s. The platform has evolved to host over one billion users, it has the highest engagement rate out of any social media platform and is constantly being updated with game-changing features. It has now evolved into becoming a general aspect of everyday life rather than just a simple social media platform, but most importantly it allows us to connect and be seen.

Whether you have an established presence on the ‘gram or you’re just beginning your digital journey, Here are some ideas for how to become more visible and increase your engagement in order for you to best maximise your insta-potential!

Give IGTV a go

IGTV allows you to create videos and share with your audience, much like your own TV channel! A third of online activity is spent watching video - and over half of that video content is viewed on our mobile phones, therefore IGTV should be an vital part of any instagram accounts content marketing strategy as it’s entire purpose is video optimized for mobile use. There are so many unique ways you could use IGTV in order to promote yourself whilst simultaneously letting your creativity flow. For example, it is a great way to showcase your makeup skills, product reviews, styling videos and vlogs. You can truly connect with your followers and show them your personality in a fun, innovative manner!

Get creative with your instagram stories

Instagrammers all over the world have proven the success of utilising the story feature, the disappearing content allows people to instantly interact with their followers, through the use of polls, questionnaires, hashtags and much more. More than half a billion people use Instagram Stories every day, and a third of the most-viewed Stories are posted by influencers or businesses, thus proving that Instagram stories are such a vital feature when wanting to grow your platform. It is the perfect means in which you can show your following what you get up to on a daily basis. To help you do so there are so many apps, such as Storyluxe and Unfold, that allow you to produce a sleek, polished Instagram story with just a click of a button- your feed doesn’t have to be the only thing that looks aesthetically pleasing, consistency is key!

Experiment with captions

The visual side of any Instagram profile tends to be most important thing, however, it’s one thing to maintain followers because of great content, and a very different thing to build a consistent, engaged following on your page. Pairing your posts with compelling, interactive captions not only will increase your engagement but it will also showcase your followers a little slice of your personality. The best captions on Instagram always have a very intimate feel, almost like the account is talking directly to you! Therefore, good ideas for captions that will inspire people to comment on the post would be asking questions, asking for advice, or encouraging people to share an experience with you. Another thing to take into consideration is Hashtags, a lot of people are afraid to use them but Hashtags are hidden gems! Posts with the highest engagement tend to have at least ten, however that seems a bit excessive so try narrow it down to 2-3 that relate to your post in some way.

Interact with other accounts

We all know the quote ‘you reap what you sew’ right? Make it a part of your morning social media ritual to find five new inspirational instagram accounts to follow and comment on their most recent posts. This is a great way to get other accounts to notice you and engage with your posts in return! Instagram is all about connecting and socialising, and showing love and support to other accounts is essential when creating your own consistent instagram community. When commenting on accounts posts, ensure you make the comments unique and meaningful in order for the engagement to be more organic and genuine. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to follow accounts that inspire you! On instagram, inspiration is absolutely everywhere so be sure to utilise it to your advantage. Spending time searching for different accounts and just browsing the platform will teach you so much about the mechanics behind content and engagement which will automatically help you further develop your skills and visibility.

Content is crucial

The most important factor when wanting to become more visible on instagram is the content you are producing. If your instagram looks consistently clean and polished it will entice people in and increase your likes and following. Make your feed a representation of you and your chosen niche, whether it be colourful or neutral, fashion or travel focused, stick to a clear theme as this will make it easier for your feed to flow and not seem cluttered. Another tip is to get in touch with your inner photographer! Be sure to post good quality pictures from clear angles as this will help get you to be reposted and encourage third parties to connect and interact with you. Additionally, as well as your feed being clean and consistent, ensure your posting consistently too! Posting daily will keep you current and constantly on peoples explore pages.

Instagram is such a revolutionary app, it is constantly growing and it is vital you grow with it and not get left behind! With higher engagement than other social media platforms, Instagram offers immense potential to not only brands but individuals too! As long as you are passionate, it is easy to create your own flawless visual content and simultaneously use it to solidify your community relationships. By encouraging your followers to contribute, using hashtags, showcasing your talents and integrating other social channels, it is simple to build a more genuine, organic relationship with your followers that leads to a stronger Instagram presence and visibility.

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