How to become an Influencer

Influencer Tips 101

Even though it may seem as simple as avocado toast, golden hour photos and a lot of slo mo videos...there are many tips and tricks to becoming a successful social media influencer. Really, every industry has Influencers. Whether it’s for fitness, fashion, homewares or mums to be, there have always been people we take inspiration from and follow in their footsteps. Social Media Influencing has become extremely popular in the last few years and is now increasingly growing, resulting in high demand and competitive industry for our social media stars. We get asked a ton of questions day to day, but one that seems to pop up again and again in our DMs is “How do I become an influencer?”. We have whittled down some of our top tips on boosting your social media following and putting you on the path to becoming a social media star.

1. Be Authentic

An Influencer should be someone that you can relate to or aspire to be. Whether we are looking for new clothes / accessories / a matcha latte you can take a picture of (but not drink because they’re gross)...we look for recommendations from people who enjoy the same kind of things we do. Allowing your personality to shine through your social media content means your followers can get to know a more personal side to you, making your opinions more authentic and believable. Engaging videos / Instagram stories are a great way to showcase this!

2. Take Amazing Photos!

Quality is just as important as quantity! Good posing, great lighting, and cool filters, create fun and unique content that you feel really expresses yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s taken on an Iphone or a Canon Camera with a lense bigger than your head, it’s what’s in front of the camera that really matters! Just make sure you’re using the girlfriends that get all them good angles and scream “Yasss Girl” as you’re getting your pose on.

3. Engagement Engagement Engagement

...and No, we’re not talking about a ring on your finger. Remember that when we lift others we also lift ourselves, meaning the more we send out love and support to all our fellow instagrammers, the more we get back. When you think that Insta Babe’s butt looks good in them Fashion Nova jeans? THEN YOU COMMENT THAT PEACH EMOJI! Repost images of your favourite posts that you have taken inspiration from that week, double tap as many pictures as you can! The love will always be returned.

4. Keep Your Posts Relevant

As much as you need your own style to be consistent on your page, try to stay up to date with what everyone is obsessing over at the moment (as long as you love it too!). For example; yes we think that blurry picture we took of a dog on our morning run is adorable but will it be appreciated on our feed? Probably not. We’ll send it on every single one of our groupchats instead. If you want to be a fashion blogger, focus only on clothes. If you want to be a travel blogger, focus on getting them fire pictures on all your vacays. Simple!

5. Be Consistent

It’s nice to take a break from your phone, but if you’re producing content that you love and it feels natural, it shouldn’t feel like work! Aim to interact on your feed every other day with some new content and watch your following grow rapidly! TOP TIP: Use one of your free days to shoot a bunch of content for the coming week, that way you will not be left asking yourself “What the hell am I going to post today?” Use the 'Tailwind' app to plan your posting schedule and make your life that little bit more organised!



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