Flourish takes Coachella

4 Influencers, 2 Brands and One Festival

How to describe a week full of dreams? Could the best bits be from spotting the dreamy David Becks to the once in a lifetime reunion of the ultimate sass queens themselves Destiny’s Child?

Our flourish team were so lucky to be accompanied on the trip by our favourite sisters Ellie and Daisey O’Donnell. Whilst not forgetting these beauties Emily Shakgough and Lillie Lexie who brought lots of fun, style, sass and energy!

We began our trip of a lifetime in Los Angeles before we hit the road to Coachella Valley in Palm Springs. We dined like royalty having breakfast at The Beverly Hills Hotel, where we were lucky enough to feast our eyes on the gorgeous David Beckham and DJ Khalid sat next to us casually enjoying their morning coffee.

Despite the squelching heat we applied our Hawaiian Tropic sun protection, powdered our noses and hit the town taking Rodeo Drive shopping in full swing where we then stopped off at the iconic Venice Beach for an LA dip and cocktails.

There are so many highlights when we made it to Coachella including just being in awe at the fact we were breathing in the same air as Beyonce. We danced to The Weeknd, watched in awe as Kygo brought out the unbelievably talented Ariana Grande and let’s not forget the man himself, Eminem. Not to mention among all of this being surrounded by Coachella’s key feature, THE FASHION! Our girls partied in style in head-to-toe Boohoo, absolutely slaying their ‘Chella festival looks.

All in all, during shooting our dreamy girls we created lots of amazing memories and had the time of our lives soaking up the Californian rays whilst watching our flourish family blossom! We’d like to give a big thanks to our major sponsors of the trip Hawaiian Tropic, Boohoo and Miss Pap.

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