Dancing in Dubai

6 Influencers, 2 Flamingos & A lot of Photoshoots

And so it begins..

There we all were with our gucci’s ready, about to take on our first ever Flourish trip! And honestly, where better to start than the beautiful and luxurious city of Dubai. But first, we could have not taken this city in full storm without all our sassy gals! Let's start with our beloved pair of Jess’; Jess Hunt and love island’s bombshell Jessica Shears. Along with the brunette beauties, Yasmine Chanel and Charlotte Emily Sanders and last but most definitely not least, the gorgeous Alexandra Louise Cane and Carms!

Leaving the -14 temperatures behind us in the snowy UK, we headed for some winter sun! We stayed in a luxury villa downtown given to us by Hometime Holiday Homes. This provided the perfect setting for lots of gossiping and giggling whilst getting ready to hit the wonderful streets of Dubai! We began our trip in the best possible way, by bathing in the sun on a glorious yacht arranged by Xclusive Yachts! Drinking champagne and babbling about each other's lives feeling like the Kardashians.

Another wonderful surprise for us was getting to meet up with the lovely Genes sister’s, Naomi and Summer Bianca where we continued to drink endless amounts of cocktails in the sun! Being sponsored by the wonderful Public Desire, our influencers sassed around the streets with their creps looking fresh! Don’t worry because they were all also styled head-to-toe in Lulu’s meaning they looked as sensational as the city we were in.

We were so fortunate to go to the Candy Pants brunch held at 40 Com Nightclub where we feasted and later on sipped on our cocktails, slut dropping into the night overlooking the stunning panoramic views of the city. We spent some of our days dancing in the sun down at the Beach Clubs. Later on, we hit up Dubai’s finest dining at STK where we ate and drank too much but continued to have lots of fun!

Originally Dubai was planned as a 7 day girls trip full on never ending enjoyment however, due to the blistering storms back in the UK we extended our trip to 10 days for a few extra days of winter sun.

So there it is, Flourish’s first ever trip and honestly it was amazing! Spending our days creating gorgeous content for our glorious girls, whilst enjoying the warm sun and luxury lifestyle of Dubai. We would like to give a huge thanks to our amazing sponsors 21 Buttons, Public Desire and Lulu’s for ensuring our all influencers were shot in style. Hometime Holiday Homes for supplying us with the perfect place to get our beauty sleep and of course STK and 40 Com for catering us with delicious food and nights full of dancing. It was an amazing experience watching our flourish family be born and here’s to many more magical trips to come!

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